About me

I have been an educator for over a decade, the last 9 at the University of Ottawa and 2 at St.Norbert College in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I completed both my undergraduate (B.Sc., 1997) and graduate (Ph.D., 2002) at the uOttawa in the Department of Biology. By training, I am a comparative physiologist with particular interests in stress physiology and the endocrinology of biological development using fish as model organisms, cellular and molecular  approaches to answer the questions of my research.

Though I love working in the lab, I have become passionate and really interested in pursuing research questions with an emphasis on Science Education in higher learning. Through this work, I’ve developed a teaching philosophy that emphasizes community, collaborative learning, reflection, and practice, practice and practice. I enjoy exploring different methods of helping students learn.

In addition, I like to approach my work with a sense of play.  My sense of humour might be considered eccentric (or maybe not) and so is my taste  in music (80’s still remains the best) and my 5 kids know me as a story teller. I’m an avid cyclist (though I do not have a cyclist’s body) and fisherman.

Students with interests in the field of Science Education and looking for research opportunities in the field are welcomed (as are all students) to chat about these interests and potential research projects (e.g. UROP, 4th yr Honours thesis, Research Assistanships)