Colin Montpetit

Colin Montpetit, B.Sc. (uOttawa, 1997), Ph.D. (uOttawa, 2002)

Assistant Professor, Colin Montpetit, B.Sc., Ph.D. (uOttawa)

Dr. Montpetit primarily engages in scholarly activities that are dedicated to advancing the quality of undergraduate (biology) education through peer-mentoring, professional development, research collaborations and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Ongoing projects include (1) development and assessment of “clicker” case studies for teaching and learning in genetics, (2) curriculum mapping, (3) fostering of a community of practice as a learning system for professional development. In addition to his work in higher education, Dr. Montpetit also continued interests in exploring (1) mechanisms controlling catecholamine release in fish, and (2) how obesity factors may direct metamorphosis and parasitic behaviour in lampreys (parasitism vs nonparasitism).

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